Peter Theodoropoulos, Chief Information and Technology Officer

Peter joined Adamas in 2023.

Peter brings the experience from his 25-year career to the role of CIO. His experience across various industries, including manufacturing, logistics, online services, print, and real estate, along with his knowledge of proven systems and hands-on expertise, made him the perfect addition to the Adamas Senior Executive Management Team for continued growth and success.

A pioneer in streamlining operations through implementing automation intelligence “AI,” Peter was at the forefront of using automation technologies to optimize business processes and enhance operational efficiencies. These efforts resulted in elevated overall productivity, reduced turnover rates, and improved corporate cultures. Peter is uniquely poised to make significant contributions to the Adamas team. With his clear vision for technology-driven innovation and commitment to using cutting-edge solutions to achieve strategic goals, Peter will work to ensure that Adamas remains at the forefront of industry trends and best practices.

Peter is excited to join Adamas in this period of expansion, and his technology initiatives will fuel growth, enhance efficiency, and cultivate a culture of innovation. He will be an integral part of the success of Adamas for many years to come.

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