Jesus Muniz, CEO

Jesus joined Adamas Building Services in 2014 and became the Owner and CEO in 2018.

Jesus has had a 23-year career in operations and company management. As CEO, he serves as a daily resource and mentor to his executive team while overseeing all aspects of the expanding business. He implemented an “Employees First” focus at Adamas because he knows that the success of the company is in the quality of the employees. Jesus works with his team to identify and implement process improvements for increased efficiency and efficacy, conducts property assessments, supports client relations for maximized communication, and nurtures a culture of impeccable service. His philosophy is that when you do the right thing and place Employees First, their productivity, performance, and quality of work are apparent in everything they do. Adamas has a track record of retaining employees and therefore providing consistency for their client properties, which is a result of always putting the employees first!

Jesus’ track record of success includes the ability to assess his clients’ needs, design programs to fit those needs, solve their everyday problems, and provide innovative approaches to enhance the lives of their luxury residents. His ability to motivate staff and train individuals to exceed the clients’ expectations has resulted in Adamas being recognized as an exceptional employer and sought after supplier of service personnel to luxury residential properties.

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