Adamas Maintenance Service Champions provide prompt and effective maintenance solutions

Adamas Maintenance Services superintendents recognize the importance of timely and effective maintenance for luxury property residents. Unfortunately, building maintenance is where property managers and owners often struggle due to substandard service causing resident complaints. With Adamas Maintenance service, those headaches are eliminated!

Adamas Service Champions are your superintendents, assistant superintendents, engineers, painters, handy porters, and handymen, all with White Glove Service training through Adamas University to ensure that your residents experience only positive interactions with our staff. Additionally, all Service Champions are certified where needed, experienced in their positions, and bonded and insured. Engineers have certifications specific to the building and its requirements. All superintendents are on-site daily, and some live on the property.

In addition to routine maintenance performed by our Service Champions, we can provide industry experts who can manage mechanical equipment such as HVAC, plumbing, sprinkler systems, etc. These experts are vetted and recognized as industry experts. By assuming responsibility for these additional service needs, we provide more in-depth support to our clients and take the pressure off the property manager or owner when needs arise.

Adamas is your partner in managing your maintenance needs in a practical, efficient, and timely way.

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