Security services provided by Adamas trained guards ensure your residents a safe and secure environment

Security is a cornerstone of the services Adamas provides for luxury residential properties. Residents in luxury buildings expect and need to be safe at all times. They need to feel secure that their home is protected; their privacy is assured; they are confident that their automobiles are safe, and they feel secure in any section of the property.

Adamas takes this responsibility very seriously, reflected in the candidates we hire, the training they receive, and the hands-on approach of our security management. All security personnel is bonded and insured and have passed a drug screen and local and federal background checks. Our security Service Champions complete our White Glove training through Adamas University and recognize that keeping residents safe is their highest priority. They also strive to have every interaction with a resident provide a rewarding experience to instill trust that they are kept secure by professional, knowledgeable staff.


  • Vehicle, mobile, and walking patrolling of property
  • Construction site security
  • Gatehouse attendants
  • Fire watch services
  • Special event security

Security Service Champions wear Adamas designated security guard uniforms, are unarmed, and are highly experienced in providing security services. Additionally, we proudly maintain a 93% retention rate of employees due to our Employees First Philosophy which allows consistency in staff placed at your property.

Adamas’ Management Team’s commitment is to ensure the safety of your residents at all times. A safe and secure location greatly facilitates the retention of residents.

We are your partner in security for your luxury building.

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