White Glove Service brings your Amenities to the next level of luxury

Amenity services are often viewed as an “afterthought” to the property, but with the implementation of our White Glove Service, we find that amenity services help to retain residents for our luxury property clients.

All Adamas Service Ambassadors are hired using our proprietary 11-Step Hiring Process to enable our Talent Acquisition Specialists to select the most qualified candidates. All employees are bonded, have a “clear” background check, and pass a drug test to be placed at our client’s property. Additionally, employee training through Adamas University ensures that every Service Ambassador for your Amenity Services consistently provides your residents with White Glove Service and the luxury experience they expect and deserve.


  • Pool, Fitness Center, and Spa management and ambassadors – Check in and out at facilities, schedule appointments, monitor attendance, and provide supplies to residents.
  • Lifeguards – Trained, insured, and certified.
  • Food and beverage personnel and Event staffing – Providing Adamas’ hallmark White Glove Service making your events memorable experiences aligned with your luxury property.
  • Reservation management for amenity services and check-in process to ensure that residents are warmly and seamlessly welcomed to your facilities.

Adamas Ambassadors are on-site for our client properties to enhance the experience provided to residents and guests. Management of each amenity service uses our proprietary technology, Adamas Edge, to simplify and manage the flow.

Your Adamas Management Team is available 24/7 to help maintain your luxury offering and build loyalty with your residents. See for yourself what White Glove personalized Amenities Services can do to complement your property’s reputation.

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