Unique in the industry Adamas University guarantees White Glove Service from our well trained employees

Founded in 2011, Adamas University is the foundation of the success of Adams Building Services.

Unique in the industry, Adamas University provides training to all Service Champions who staff our luxury property accounts, to instill excellence in White Glove Service in all they do. All employees have job-specific training as well as general education and training regarding Adamas policies and procedures.

The University training programs are proprietary and include:

  • NEW HIRE TRAINING – All newly hired employees before assignment to a property.
  • ON-THE-JOB FUNCTIONAL TRAINING – All employees participate at the beginning of their service for a client property and periodically throughout their employment.
  • 5 DIAMOND SERVICE TRAINING – All concierge employees quarterly.
  • ROLE PLAY/SCENARIO TRAINING – Classes are specific to individual job functions.
  • SAFETY TRAINING – Appointed safety champions hold monthly training to help employees avoid workplace injuries.
  • WORKPLACE HARASSMENT TRAINING – All employees receive this training in the new hire training and refresher annually.
  • PERFORMANCE REVIEW TRAINING – For all managers and supervisors in Career Development Meetings.
  • OPERATIONS WORKSHOP – Quarterly operations review with Executive Team and Site Managers.
  • CAREER DEVELOPMENT TRAINING – Employees identified by their managers who show potential for leadership participate in Leadership Development Workshops.
  • SENIOR MANAGEMENT TRAINING – Quarterly round table discussions regarding strategy and growth with the executive team, HR, and senior managers.

Adamas University curriculum, instructors, and content are proprietary to Adamas Building Services. Course attendance is required for all employees without exception. A well-trained staff is an exceptional staff, and our Service Champions are your Professional Staff.

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